Random Music News for Saturday, September 17, 2016

New pet peeve: people who stop dead at the top of busy escalators. What are they thinking? And now, some music news…

  1. A man with Alzheimer’s seen on Carpool Karaoke has been offered a record deal.
  2. Stevie Van Zandt of the E Street Band is distancing himself from his connection to Trump acolyte, NJ governor Chris Christie.
  3. Jamie Foxx thinks a President Trump would be very, very good for Kanye West. Wait–what?
  4. These headphones have built-in Spotify controls.
  5. Why Silicon Valley is completely wrong about Apple’s Airpods.
  6. If you’re a Pink Floyd fan, you have to be pretty excited about this new box set. Watch it being unboxed.
  7. The weirdest thing about this story is not that a woman camped out to buy an iPhone 7, but the fact that she brought her Steve Jobs body pillow.
  8. And since we’re speaking of weird iPhone 7 news, there’s the little matter of some porn
  9. A Backstreet Boys emoji keyboard. Oh, good.
  10. South Park vs. “The Star Spangled Banner” controversy: clever.
  11. Pixies’ guitarist Joey Santiago has checked into rehab.
  12. Universal and Sony, the two biggest major labels, have announced a joint low-priced streaming music service.
  13. Are you a guitarist tired of all those pedals on the floor? What if someone built a wah-wah pedal into a pair of sneakers? It’s been done. (Via Tom)
  14. Float this idea with friends: What if Facebook were to buy Spotify?

Alan Cross

is an internationally known broadcaster, interviewer, writer, consultant, blogger and speaker. In his 40+ years in the music business, Alan has interviewed the biggest names in rock, from David Bowie and U2 to Pearl Jam and the Foo Fighters. He’s also known as a musicologist and documentarian through programs like The Ongoing History of New Music.

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