Random Music News for Tuesday, October 14, 2014

No more turkey. Please.

  1. Recording of the new Tool album is said to be going well. Yeah, I’ll believe it when I hear it.
  2. Meanwhile, Scott Weiland says his new solo album with his new band The Wildhearts is also progressing splendidly.
  3. Be it resolved that rave was more punk than punk. Discuss.
  4. Hey, X Factor! What about the children?
  5. Interesting. Major labels are negotiating with SoundCloud. What are they talking about, I wonder? An equity stake?
  6. Take a read of this fun oral history of the early days of Def Jam Records.
  7. Ten songs that were US chart successes but weren’t sung in English. Before clicking, how many can you name? (I’ll spot you one: Psy.) Ready? Go here.
  8. Depeche Mode/Bjork producer Mark Bell died last week.
  9. Paranoid? Then you’ll love this: millions of voiceprints are being collected by government agencies.
  10. Did you know that Barbra Streisand’s stepson is a homeless street person rummaging through garbage?
  11. Here are five of the weirdest sexual lyrics in rock.
  12. Cannibal Corpse vs. the Russian Orthodox Church. Guess who’s winning the battle?
  13. A story on Ferguson, Missouri, hip hop and protest.
  14. Who knew that Johnny Lydon was this sensitive?

Alan Cross

is an internationally known broadcaster, interviewer, writer, consultant, blogger and speaker. In his 40+ years in the music business, Alan has interviewed the biggest names in rock, from David Bowie and U2 to Pearl Jam and the Foo Fighters. He’s also known as a musicologist and documentarian through programs like The Ongoing History of New Music.

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