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Random Music News for Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Given the weather we’ve had in central Canada, I feel really silly that I’ve had my snow tires on for almost 10 days. Maybe that’s why it’s been so nice. And now, some music news for October 24.

  1. Marilyn Manson says he knew nothing about the rape allegations against his guitarist, Twiggy Ramirez.
  2. Here are the top 20 binge-watched shows on Netflix.
  3. Canadian music sales vs. this point last year: Total albums, -16.2%; physical albums, -11%; digital albums, -23%; CDs, -12.6%; vinyl, +18%; streaming, +79%.
  4. Canadian record labels want radio stations to pay more for the privilege of playing music on the radio. Radio, on the other hand, gives this music exposure and airtime is worth money. Plus margins for terrestrial broadcasts are slowly shrinking in the digital age. This is sure to ignite an old feud that goes back decades.
  5. Meanwhile, the US has a similar problem with the breakdown of relations between radio and the record industry.
  6. Then there’s this: “Radio survived the tape, CD, and iPod. In the age of Spotify, it’s more popular than ever.”
  7. However, Apple CarPlay users seem to switch stations more often.
  8. But back to musicians in Canada: Here’s what they say they face today.
  9. Should radio DJs pick their own music? Let’s go to some audience data.
  10. Is stream-ripping illegal? The Electronic Frontier Foundation doesn’t think so.
  11. Wanna buy ex-Metallica bass player Jason Newstead’s ranch? It’s for sale.
  12. DJ Calvin Harris is an anti-vaxxer idiot. (Please, no email. Anti-vaxxers are a threat to society who only want to believe the false studies that reinforce their wrong position.)
  13. Here’s a hideous medical condition: The British TV star who keeps hearing phantom bagpipe solos in his left ear.
  14. And this is a new twist on the sentiment “It’s not the band I hate, it’s their fans.”
  15. What do you know about this sort of music worship called “stanning?”
  16. Something is finally beating out CD sales in Japan. And no, it’s not the streaming services. At least not those ones.
  17. Will Spotify soon be worth $100 billion with 500 million users? That’s a current guess.
  18. Stressed? What about this ancient form of sound therapy? (Via Tom)

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