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Random Music News for Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The cleaning lady showed up for the first time in six weeks this morning. Let’s just say that I feel shame.

  1. Here’s a cool look at rock stars of the 1970s posing with their parents. Sweet, actually. (Via Tom)
  2. The brand new Sony Walkman costs $1,199.99 USD. You read that right. Hey, it’s more reasonable than the new $6,000 Lamborghini smartphone, which is really nothing more than a gussied up Android device. (Via Jason)
  3. What kind of music fan are you? Yeah, it’s a survey/quiz thing, but still… (Via Peter)
  4. Anyone up for a Metallica/Herbie Hancock mashup? (Via Tom again)
  5. They Might Be Giants relaunched their Dial-A-Song service again.  Give them a call at (844) 387-6962.
  6. Monster, the headphone people, are suing Beats, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine.
  7. A new live White Stripes album? Yep.
  8. Remember Lostprophets paedo sicko Ian Watkins? It gets worse.
  9. Here’s why I’m never, ever buying anything from Calvin Klein ever again.
  10. Accused murdered invokes The Slayer Defense, alleging the band’s music made him do it. Or something.
  11. Here’s an interesting read: after using Spotify for a while, what does it know about you?
  12. Katie Perry is allegedly planning to “ruin” her arch-nemesis Taylor Swift during her Super Bowl performance next month.
  13. In case you missed yesterday’s lineup for Coachella 2015, here it is. If you can’t be arsed to click through, I’ll just tell you that the headliners are AC/DC, Jack White and Drake.
  14. Noel Gallagher’s daughter is officially a professional model.

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