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Random Music News for Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Still in Nashville. The people are supernaturally nice which is kinda freaking me out. Here’s some music news for November 8.

  1. No surprise here: Taylor Swift is going to keep her new album off streaming music services for the first week. She wants to sell as much high-margin physical product as she can first.
  2. Taylor Swift = Hitler. Wait–what?
  3. Twitter has officially expanded its character count from 140 to 280 as of…now.
  4. Wait: It’s okay to use the f-bomb on French-Canadian radio and not okay to use on English radio in Canada? What’s wrong with this picture? (Via Stephen)
  5. Morrissey canceled a show less than an hour before showtime because the stage heaters weren’t working and he was too cold. This was in CALIFORNIA.
  6. Harvard honoured Elton John for his fight against HIV and AIDS.
  7. Paradise Papers fallout: Bono is “distressed” a company may have invested money on his behalf to avoid taxes. There’s a probe.
  8. Interesting: People in India use YouTube for streaming music, Facebook for news.
  9. The “IMDB of Podcasting?” I like it.
  10. Was this the worst orchestra in the world? If so, why do people remember it fondly?
  11. U2 is going to receive a Global Icon Award from MTV.
  12. Is Spotify better for music discovery that Top 40 radio? Research says…no.
  13. Satan EXPOSED in pop culture!
  14. God EXPOSED in pop culture! (Both from Tom. Bless his little heart.)
  15. An old boyfriend of Olivia Newton-John has been found, 12 years after faking his own death.
  16. Apple has $232 billion USD cash stashed offshore. Here’s a list of the things that money could buy.
  17. Some people are so fed up being tied to their smartphones that they’re downgrading to dumbphones.

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