Random Music News for Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Can we please take down all the election signs?

  1. Dolly Parton has been in Nashville for 50 years. Well, parts of her.  Her parents remember hearing her first song. (Via Tom)
  2. Here are four reasons we love sad songs. (Via John)
  3. SLAYER turns 40 in a couple of years. Time to prepare! (Tom again)
  4. This guy says that the connected car will eventually wipe out 50% of terrestrial FM stations–in the US, anyway.
  5. Google has tweaked their algorithms to make it hard to find piracy sites like The Pirate Bay. (Still more from Tom.)
  6. GWAR covers the Pet Shop Boys. No, really. (Thanks to Greggory)
  7. Marky Ramone is now in a graphic comic. So is Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein. And the comic is by Life of Agony’s Alan Roberts. Details here.  (From guess who? Yeah, it’s Tom again.)
  8. Looking for a getaway vacation with Ozzy Osbourne? Tom–yeah, him–found one for you.
  9. A referee in the Premier League has been suspended because he went to an Ed Sheeran concert.
  10. A rapper just got a job with a symphony. That must be a first.
  11. Gift idea! An autographed Rolling Stones book! Only $5,000!

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