September 10, 2023

Rappers and Their Cars: Who Brags the Most?

Rappers love bragging about their sick rides, but which rappers brag the most? James Barnes from Verve Search sent us the answer.

He and his colleagues analysed over 62,000 songs on Rap Genius from artists featured in the Top 40 Rap US Billboard Charts across the past decade and a list of the 100 greatest rappers of all time. Take a look at what they found here by selecting the “Rappers” filter.

The Game mentions his cars the most, with 473 times. You can check out the vehicles he owns on his Instagram. Here’s the list of hip hops top 10 biggest petrol heads:

  1. The Game (473)
  2. Gucci Mane (431)
  3. Rick Ross (349)
  4. Migos (266)
  5. Soulja Boy (251)
  6. Meek Mill (234)
  7. 50 Cent (222)
  8. Lil Wayne (218)
  9. Jay Z (180)
  10. Nas (153)

For the most rapped about brands, here are the top five:

  1. Mercedes-Benz (3238 mentions)
  2. Bentley (1498)
  3. Ferrari (1250)
  4. Porsche (1014)
  5. Chevrolet (999)

Plus, the top five rapped about models:

  1. Impala (362)
  2. Range Rover (224)
  3. GT (217)
  4. Escalade (178)
  5. Panamera (147)

On the site that they created, if you click on one of the cars or rappers, soundbites are included.

Barnes also sent us some fun trivia about rappers and their cars:

Cadillac: Speaking of nostalgia, filtering for brands illustrates how hip hop’s association with cars has endured since its’ formative years: both Kurtis Blow’s The Breaks (hip hop’s first gold record) and Drake’s Child Play (from his 2016 album) pay homage to Cadillac.

Benz: A 300SL model was used in Kanye West’s video to Diamonds from Sierra Leone to smash through a shop window.

Ferrari: Most rappers, including Gucci Mane and Kanye West, can’t resist this speedy Italian ride. Often shortened to ‘Rari’ in songs, Ferrari is a go-to brand for stylish transportation as well as lyrical inspiration. Atlanta rapper T.I. famously owns one, but he’s likely to have his ride seized by the IRS for tax evasion offenses according to the Daily Mail.

Bentley: The Bentley is a favourite among rappers, with the likes of Soulja Boy, Rick Ross, Fabolous and T.I. stashing them in their garages – although none stand out more so than Nicki Minaj’s bright pink Continental. It often appears in music videos, including Drake’s Started From The Bottom.

Porsche: Porsche was notably featured in the song and video to Hey Porsche in 2013, in which Nelly drives a vintage 356 model. The Porsche is so popular among rappers that the music stars are doing what they can to stand out, such as The Game who regularly re-paints and re-rims his Panamera every two months!

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