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And the Most Re-Tweeted Band in the World Is…

The Guinness Book of World Record has a category for everything. For the 2018 edition, it has just certified K-Pop monsters BTS as the most retweeted band in the world.

According to Guinness, whenever BTS posts something on Twitter, it’s retweeted an average of 254,609 per post. There have been 20 million tweets on the band just since last Sunday when they appeared on the American Music Awards.

Other big retweet beneficiaries include second place Harry Styles with an average of 164,873.

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3 thoughts on “And the Most Re-Tweeted Band in the World Is…

  • Alan, seriously, what level of lowest common denominator are you targeting such posts towards? Are you on a self destruct mission to piss off your subscribers – the one’s with a functioning brain that’s not been destroyed by over exposure to junk media.
    Please calm down with the rubbish crap jamming up inboxes.
    And to think that you were once in the presence of David Bowie. Did he ask where your hat and hurry were at?

    • Do you have a condition that forces you to read every word put in front of you? Crissakes, if it’s not for you then move on with your life.

      This article is interesting because it reminds me that there are massive music industries in the world that rarely cross over into my realm. And when something like Gangnam Style does make it over, there’s an enormous scene and history behind it that’s relatively alien to me.

      • It would appear my “condition” is affecting your condition. We should compare notes. However.

        Fine, maybe you need reminding. I don’t. If you really want the best of what Asia has to offer – go via Cambodia, as that’s where it really exploded and if you don’t believe me check out what Henry Rollins has to say about it on his blogs.


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