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Record stores grapple what to do with Michael Jackson

Now that everyone is talking about the allegations raised in the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland, record shops find themselves having to make a decision: Do they continue to stock the music of a serial pedophile or not?

Tiny Record Shop in Toronto has taken a stand saying that they will no longer sell any of Jackson’s records. The Twitter reaction has been…intense.

Shortstack Reords at 256A Queen West in Toronto is being a little more circumspect. They’re asking customers what the proper course of action should be.

Voting is still open, too.

Compare that with last week’s Instagram poll. Anyone want to take a crack at why the results are so different?

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4 thoughts on “Record stores grapple what to do with Michael Jackson

  • There comes a point where you have to separate an artist’s personal life from their work. Plenty of people of questionable morals and behavior have contributed some of our greatest music, films, and other art. If you were to fairly look at everyone in film, music, and the arts, and get rid of everything by the people who didn’t exactly act appropriately for most of their lives, I’ll bet about half of what we have would be tossed into the trash. I’m not condoning their behavior at all, but there comes a time where you have to say enough is enough. Sure, despise that person all you want, but it doesn’t take away from the things that they gave us.

  • Banning his music is censorship. Might as well ban Hemingway, Oscar Wilde, Da Vinci.. And it will affect all those who gain royalties from the music. Not just his estate. What about the rest of the people who played on those records, who produced them? No.. Don’t ban them, don’t stop selling them. Like always, people have a choice – buy it or don’t. But leave the choice up to the people.

  • I think that record stores should have the courage to decide for themselves instead of leaving it to social media polls. If I was running a record store, I wouldn’t be comfortable making money off the work of someone who allegedly abused several little kids. But then again, there have been so many artists who have done horrible things, and if you just ban the selling of all of those artists’ records you won’t have many records left to sell. Tough decision, but I’m fine with either one.

    • His music was phenomenal and who he was as a person need to be separated. He has volumes of work that when you listen today, it’s as fresh as it was when released. I’m not sure I personally would condone much of the lifestyle and personal choices of many artists over the past 45 years of listening. I have always ignored the packaging and focus on the music. Supporting them by listening does not directly condone their behaviors.


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