Recording from the Road? You’re Changing the Music Industry

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Algorithmic mastering tools like Landr are revolutionizing the way we make music, but there’s another technological phenomenon happening in the recording studio: portability.

“Working remotely is probably a good half of my business,” says recording engineer and songwriter Warren Huart. “I play keyboards on most of my stuff, but I also have a programmer I use who lives elsewhere. We just email backwards and forwards all day. He works in Logic; I work in Pro Tools.”

While Huart–who worked on Aerosmith’s last album Music From Another Dimension as well as the first two albums from The Fray–may just use email most of the time to trade tracks, part of the remote working boom is coming from tools that can help bridge the gap between people.

Musistic, for example, is one of those tools. The plug-in allows you to share raw tracks regardless of the recording software being used. The transfer is uncompressed and happens quickly, meaning collaboration could be happening in different locations at the same time.

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