Stressed? Then Maybe You Need Some Relaxation Headphones

In the endless stress of life these days it is hard to find ways to get rid of the stress of the day. Imagine being able to simply put on a pair of special headphones that would help you get to that state that we all find so hard to find.

Neurofeedback is at the very core of melomind’s technology. Neurofeedback has been studied for decades by neuroscience laboratories all around the world. It consists in a constant information loop running between the EEG sensors and the training program of the app: melomind trains your brain by giving you instant feedback on its activity. Melomind generates an audio soundscape that responds to your brainwaves in real-time. Your only task is to relax. According to your relaxation level, the music will be modulated and adapted to you.

Melomind 2

You can read more about the product as well as their funding campaign here.

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