Review: MEZE 11 Classics Earbuds

I’m terribly finicky about what I use to put sound into my ears. When I’m in the studio, I prefer specific kinds of Sony and Sennheiser over-the-ear headphones. If I’m out jogging, I need something that won’t chafe my ear canals and I need to hear the traffic around me for safety’s sake. Walking the dog? That requires something else entirely. And let’s not even start on what I prefer when I’m on airplanes.

Earbuds will forever be the most convenient listening devices for people on the move–and since I move a lot, I’m always experimenting with different brands and models.

One of the better sets of earbuds I’ve tried lately come from Meze, specifically the Meze Classics 11, in-ear buds housed in wood. Yes, wood. Ebony, as a matter of fact.

Buds 1

Let’s unbox them. Nice pouch.

Buds 2


Buds 3

Buds 4

A belt clip? That’s kinda nice, but I don’t see myself using it much. Maybe on a briefcase or purse or something.

After fiddling with the interchangeable silicon tips for the ‘buds (my ear canals are uneven; I needed a medium on one side and a large on the other), I tried them out in a couple of different situations.

The tips provide some of the nicest and most complete sound isolation I’ve ever found. Walking the dog on a windy day kept all the music–especially the bass–in and all the wind noise out. I struggled to keep the left bud in, but that’s my problem. (Stupid non-standard-sized ear canals.) The voices on podcasts sounded far, far better than on most of my other buds.

Next was jogging. While the MEZE’s stayed put (more-or-less), I was a little freaked out by the sound isolation. In this case, it was a little too much.

Finally, there was the airplane test. The MEZE’s worked great with the inflight entertainment system. When the movie was over, I left them in as earplugs. Despite being in a cramped economy seat, it was quiet enough for me to drift off for a while.

A note about the cord. Unlike so many models, the MEZE cord is covered in fabric, not plastic. This gives it a more substantial feel and reduces (but doesn’t eliminate) tangles.

How much? The MEZE shop sells them for $79 USD with free worldwide shipping, which, oddly, is $10 less than Not cheap, but they look and sound great.

Here’s another view on things.


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2 thoughts on “Review: MEZE 11 Classics Earbuds

  • I strongly recomend you Bose SoundTrue in-ear headphones.
    I hate “ball” shape in-ear headphones, I fill like something is pushing inside my brain.
    The shape of the plastic is not “intrusive” so I can stand the headphones for long time.
    Aren’t cheap ($117 USD +/-), but trust me, it worth it.
    They have some expensive ones with sound isolation and others for sport fans. I have the regular ones (with mic for the phone) and are just great. Good bass, good table sounding.

    I don’t work/distribute/resell them, I spent LOOOONG time looking for something like this.


  • These are extremely over-priced OEM Chinese basic earphones, marketed by a scam artist who pretends to have designed them. This reviewer is parotting marketing speak. Avoid, they sound like 10 dollar buds.


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