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Rush biography Anthem: Rush in the ’70s available May 12th 2020

Glance into the story of Rush with their upcoming biography Anthem: Rush in the ‘70s, available May 12th 2020. The book features first-hand reflections from band members Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart as well as accounts from friends, family and other musicians. This is the first of three volumes and will cover their self-titled debut album through to the 1978 album Hemisphere, put into a pop culture context. 

The story is grounded in the perseverance of the band members as they fought against critics and maintained their values as Canadians navigating personal challenges and success in the music industry. 

Author Martin Popoff has written more than 80 books, approximately 7,900 record reviews and worked on the award winning Rush biography Beyond the Lighted Stage

Anthem: Rush in the ’70’s is available May 12th 2020, pre-order now from Amazon and Indigo

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