Saskatchewan Government Gives $15,000 Grant to Develop Vulcan Harp

First, you morons, it’s properly referred to as a Vulcan LUTE or LYRE.  Everyone knows that.  Only the uninitiated would go with “harp.” Tuvok will be most disappointed when he hears this news.  Jeezus.  See Spock in action in episodes “The Conscience of King,” “Amok Time,” “The Way to Eden” (the one with the space hippies) and “Charlie X” where Uhura sings along tunelessly.

Spock was a pro, too.  Those aware of a deleted scene from “Elaan of Troyius” know that Spock came second in the All-Vulcan Music Festival.  Sarek, his father, came first.

Second, it’s not an actual lute/lyre that we’re talking about here. It’s an app that replicates  the action of the five-stringed (sometimes 12-stringed) instrument that was designed for the original Star Trek by a guy named Wah Cheng.

Shiverware, a Regina-based company, successfully applied for a grant and received $14,555 to develop the app.  Read more about what they plan to do at the CBC.

Do you play, man?

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