Say Hello to Mrs. Miller, Quite Possibly One of the Worst Recording Artists of the Last 100 Years

If you’ve never heard of Mrs. Miller, consider yourself blessed.  She was the Florence Foster Jenkins of the 1960s.  

That probably didn’t help, did it?  Look up Ms. Jenkins’ bio here.

Back to Mrs. Miller.  Elva Ruby Connes Miller loved to sing.  The problem was she couldn’t.  One memorable description of her voice was that it sounded like “roaches scurrying across a trash can lid.”

Mrs. Miller came out of Missouri and somehow ended up with a recording deal wtih Capitol Records in 1965. They knew that her appeal might be as a novelty star, so they didn’t exactly work hard to help her get any better.

Her first album, Mrs. Miller’s Greatest Hits, appeared in 1966 and somehow managed to sell 250,000 copies.  She was even shipped to Viet Nam to sing for the troops.  

By the 70s, her popularity had faded and she retired from music to do charity work.  She died in California in 1996 at age 89.  

Yet her music lives on.  Enjoy the following sample and then head over to Buzzfeed for more.  And if you must own some Mrs. Miller for yourself, there’s a CD called Wild, Cool & Swinin’, The Artist Collection Vol. 3:  Mrs. Miller.

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    This is played on an endless loop as you descend into hell…


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