Season 7 of Game of Thrones Will Be Back July 16. Guess Which Musician Will Make a Guest Appearance?

The producers of Game of Thrones have a thing for casting musicians as extras.

  • Seasons 1-2: Wilko Johnson of Dr. Feelgood was cast as the role of executioner Ser Illyn Payne–the guy who took Ned Stark’s head–but that was interrupted when he was diagnosed with cancer.
  • Seasons 1-3 and 6: Osha the wilding was played by Nathalia Tena of the band Molotov Jukebox.
  • Seasons 1-6: Ever hear of Robson & Jerome? They had a huge UK hit with their cover of “Unchained Melody” in 1995. Jerome Flynn was the guy behind Bronn the mercenary.
  • Seasons 2-6: Carice Van Houten–the priestess Melisandre–also has a solo album called See You on the Ice.
  • Season 3: Will Champion of Coldplay showed up as a member of a court band. He’s later wiped out in in the Red Wedding.
  • Seasons 3-6: Iwan Rheon–the ultra-awful Ramsay Bolton–is mostly an actor, but he released a debut album called Dinard, too. There was also that time as a teenager he spent as a member of a group called the Convictions.
  • Seasons 3-6: The Grey Worm, played by Jacob Anderson, also operates as an indie R&B musician named Raleigh Ritchie.
  • Season 4: Sigur Ros provided some music for a wedding in the episode “The Lion and the Rose”
  • Season 4: Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol showed up as a nomadic musician in “Walk of Punishment.”
  • Seasons 4-5: Joey Fry of Animal Circus played the recurring role of Hizdahr zo Loraq and briefly betrothed of Daenerys Targaryen.
  • Seasons 4-6: Few people outside of The Netherlands knew about the band Fontane until frontman Michael Huisman assumed the role of sellsword Daario Naharis.
  • Season 5: Mastodon. All of them in the episode “Hardhome.” They play some north-of-the-Wall scary people.
  • Season 6: Was that Of Monsters and Men playing traveling musicians in the episode when we learned the truth behind Hodor’s name? Yep.

So who’s next? Ed Sheeran, apparently. There’s no word on what role he’ll assume–Another musician? Cannon fodder? Dragon food?–but keep an eye open.



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