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What Not to Do When Sending Music to Bloggers

I like it when people send me music.  I get hundreds of press releases and links every day–yes, hundreds–and I (or one of the other writers on this site) to go through as many of these songs as I can.  The flood is tremendous, so please accept my apologies if I can’t get to all submissions.  There are just too many.

However, I would like to point you in the direct of this article that offers some advice to anyone who submits music to bloggers and other websites for review.  Here are some things you should never, EVER do.

I would like to add two things to this list:

1.  Do NOT send me MP3 files.  My inbox is full enough.  And if you send four 5MB attachments (and it happens) and I decide to check email on my phone–well, let’s just say I get cranky and start hitting “delete.” LINKS ONLY, please.  SoundCloud, YouTube, ReverbNation, BandCamp–I don’t care.  Just no files.  Please?

2. Expect a free critique.  As much as you crave feedback on your material, I can’t be of much help.  I just don’t have the time to listen to your songs and then compose a thoughtful analysis of what I’ve just heard. And besides, I’m not a musician or a songwriter.  All I know is what works well on the radio and with rock/indie audiences.

Sorry to come across as such a prick, but it’s the only way I can handle the deluge.  If you’re a music writer, do you have any other rules you’d like to contribute?


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2 thoughts on “What Not to Do When Sending Music to Bloggers

  • I totally agree with those 2 rules. Building on the first rule, I do not want to log in somewhere to then download your music. I’m not looking to go on adventure to listen to your music – make it easy for me. Twitter and Facebook band links are also nice.

    I know every band or rep sends out mass emails, but at least try and get my name right in these generic emails!

  • I definitely want the links and a Twitter link is also welcome as I like to let the bands know I posted something about them so they can share. Having a decent photo or two available on your social media helps too as I like to post a picture.


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