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Seven Songs About Halloween

Halloween is a great subject for a song because of the practices, history, and spirit of the holiday that can be used as lyrical inspiration, and the atmosphere that can be conveyed in the sound. Here are seven examples, and please leave more in the comments.
1. You like Halloween? You’d love Halloween Town. This version is from Nightmare Revisited, an album containing new versions of songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

2. The Misfits’ “Halloween” was released on the day itself in 1981.

3. Dead Kennedys’ “Halloween” is cynical about people having fun dressing up and letting loose on Halloween, but the song itself is still fun to listen to. *NSFW language*

4. AFI’s “Fall Children” doesn’t specifically mention Halloween, but the vibe fits and it’s a great theme song for the season.

5. The Nekromantix song “Trick Or Treat” makes shell outing sound somewhat sinister.

6. With “Waited Til Halloween,” Twiztid remind us that Halloween isn’t all about costumes and candy. It’s also about vengeful ghosts murdering you. *NSFW language*

7. “Do They Know It’s Hallowe’en?” is a charity single featuring contributions from Beck, Feist, Peaches, and members of Arcade Fire, Sum 41, Sonic Youth, and Sloan, among many others.

Happy Halloween, and please add anything you’d like to this list in the comments.

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