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4 thoughts on “Shocking. Tickets for U2’s Sphere shows in Las Vegas are expensive

  • Those are resellers. The TM pricing is about what I’d expect for a residency at a new igh tech $1.2 billion venue, and are way less than Adele’s residency.
    GA floor – 287.88
    P1 – 501.35
    P2 – 400.21
    P3 – 267.88
    P4 – 140.13
    I think those are well within current prices.

  • Yeah, the other comment is right. This story is flagrantly wrong. I scored 3 tickets that I’d rate not too bad for $800 for all three after all taxes and fees. In front of the stage was $267 for GA seating, but those were really hard to grab. Resellers are hard to stop, but a lot of real fans actually got tickets at sane prices today.

  • I picked up my tix after signing up a few days earlier for the whole verified fan thing. $800 for 2 tix. That said, if you wanted the really good seats, they were 1500 each. I remember back in the day standing in line for tix at the venue before online ticket sales started. Prefer this to be honest. A previous comment said it well…$1.2 billion event venue. Going to cost to see things there! Just the way of life. I can’t wait to see what they put together for this venue…

  • As Doug points out those are resellers. But ticketmaster themselves have turned on Platinum pricing so those $500 tickets are now going for $1400 – 1900 if you want to buy them from the original point of sale…


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