Sinéad O’Connor Slams Ex-Husband

Lately Sinéad O’Connor has been posting letters on Facebook to her family, making public her battle with mental health and family problems.

On Sunday, May 15, the Irish singer-songwriter went for a bike ride in a Chicago suburb and when she failed to return, was declared missing on Monday May 16. Later that day Wilmette, Illinois police announced that O’Connor had been found safe at a local hotel. And that’s only the beginning of this latest drama.

After being located at the hotel, the 49-year-old posted a biting open letter on Facebook to her ex-husband and one of her sons. Billboard reports that this is the latest in a number of posts directed at her children, including one to her son Shane “in which she apologized for her inability to get him out of the care of Ireland’s child welfare agency TUSLA”.

O’Connor has also lately been sued for defamation by Arsenio Hall after the singer accused him of supplying Prince drugs. The singer has also publically insulted Yoko Ono on Facebook.

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