Do NOT Sing on a Winnipeg Bus or You’ll Be Fined $100

For some reason, Winnipeg city council has passed a bylaw that will fine anyone $100 for singing on one of the city’s buses.  And you’ll also be liable for court costs.

And don’t even think of busting out a musical instrument and offering up some kind of performance.  That’s against the law, too.  In fact, all musical performances are banned on city buses.

Why?  Well, it’s not like city council was actually targeting singers and musicians.  This edict is part of a larger bylaw that outlines what sort of “inappropriate conduct” can get you thrown off (and under) the bus. That includes not paying your fair, carrying a firearm, spraying the place with graffiti or taking a whiz on the floor.  Yes, they equate singing with taking a piss.

Meanwhile, Winnipegers have had some interesting questions about the new law.  One person suggested that everyone get together and sing this Guess Who song while riding the bus.

And finally, does anyone remember when the White Stripes played one of their guerrilla gigs on a Winnipeg Transit vehicle back in 2007?

And just so you’re aware, it’s also illegal to ride a unicycle while aboard a Winnipeg bus.  You’ve been warned.

(Via Huffington Post)

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