Skoog 2.0: Making Music and Much More

Skoog 2.0 is an interesting device. It’s a cube that allows you to play many instruments. It’s soft and tactile and strangely addictive. You can tap it, twist it and squeeze it and the effects are both interesting and new.

You can make and record the music you make. You can select from a myriad of instruments. You can play alone or you can play along to a song. It has Bluetooth connectivity as well.

Here’s a demo showing some of what you can do:

The aspect of this that came to my mind first and foremost was how this device could do wonders in the area of therapy. I’ve had an ongoing interest in how music can be use in all kinds of ways to help people recover and move forward.

I spent some time with the device and it works great with the Apple products it was originally designed for (IOS, iPad). I also tested it with a pc and it was more time consuming getting set up and a somewhat slower response time within the software control panel but did not impact playing on the device itself. That will come in time and I expect they will expand into other options as they grow. Apple is the global retailer currently. SkoogMusic is also working with educators and has distribution through those channels in many countries.

Read more about it on their website.

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