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Slaight Family Polaris Heritage Prize Concert Lineup Announced

The Slaight Family Polaris Heritage Prize concert lineup has been announced. The tribute to four albums that won 2015 Heritage Prize awards will feature Peaches, Chris Murphy and Jay Ferguson from Sloan, The Weather Station, Tanika Charles, Amelia Curran, Michelle McAdorey and more. All the acts will be backed by the Massey Hall Band, a 15-piece alternative big band.

The four albums that won the inaugural Polaris Heritage Prize include: Joni Mitchell’s Blue, The Trinity Session by the Cowboy Junkies, Sloan’s Twice Removed, and The Teaches of Peaches by Peaches.

“The idea behind the Heritage Prize – our version of a Hall of Fame – is to spur discussion and discovery of timeless recorded art from our history,” says Polaris Founder and Executive Director Steve Jordan. “Combining Massey Hall Band’s interpretations of the Prize-winning classics and the contributions of the special guests will make for an exciting, inventive and suitably musical tribute for these albums”.

The concert on August 3 will be held at Toronto’s Great Hall. Tickets are $25 and available here.

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