Snoop Dogg Gets a Texas Cop in Trouble. And You Won’t Believe How.

If you were following what went on at SXSW in Austin, Texas, this year, you’ll know that Snoop Dogg Lion Dogg Whatever was the keynote speaker. The dude was everywhere, mingling with his people.

At one point, Snoop rang into Department of Public Safety Trooper Billy Spears, who had been assigned to Austin to help keep the peace. Snoop stopped and asked his publicist to take a picture of him and Trooper Spears…

Snoop Dogg and Trooper Spears copy

…which he then posted on Instagram with the line “Me n my deputy dogg. And here’s where the trouble started. I quote from The Dallas Morning News:

DPS officials saw the posting and cited Spears for deficiencies that require counseling for posing with a known criminal.

Calvin Broadus, aka Snoop Dogg, has been convicted several times of drug possession. In 1993, he faced a murder charge when his bodyguard shot and killed a rival gang member. Snoop Dogg and the bodyguard eventually were acquitted of the charge.


Because the action taken against Spears called for “counseling” and was not a formal disciplinary action, the trooper has no means of appeal.

The counseling reprimand read: “While working a secondary employment job, Trooper Spears took a photo with a public figure who has a well-known criminal background including numerous drug charges. The public figure posted the photo on social media and it reflects poorly on the Agency.”

What bullshit. Read the whole story here.





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