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So what fresh hell is coming out of Twitter today? Let’s count the ways.

The Twitter death watch continues, which makes me sad because I’m a regular user and consumer of the platform. But since Elon Musk took over, the whole thing is heading into the sh**ter. Here’s the latest.

The former head of trust and safety doesn’t feel good about Twitter’s future

Yoel Roth left Twitter voluntarily when it was apparent that Musk was going to drive things into the ground. The outlook given in this New York Times opinion piece is not encouraging.

Twitter’s head of sales was fired for not firing more people

Sounds like a good business move, right? Executive Robin Wheeler was previously a Musk favourite.

Advertisers continue to bail

If there’s no one advertising on the platform, where’s the money coming from? Eight-dollar-a-month blue checkmark subscriptions? Hardly.

Some bills at Twitter are going unpaid

No advertisers means no money to pay the bills. And is there anyone left in Accounting to take care of the day-to-day financials? Maybe not.

Twitter is hiring

Wait. Didn’t Musk just fire more than 50% of the workforce? And didn’t another big chunk resign in protest? Who would take a job there?

Musk is a horrible leader

That goes without saying, but this article spells out how horrible.

Hang on. Is there a connection between Twitter and failed crypto company FTX?

It looks like it. Shouldn’t have Elon mentioned this?

What options are there for current and former Twitter users?

Well, you can look at Hive. It’s closing on one million downloads.

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