So Where Does Canada Fit in the Global Music Market Today?

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14.97 BILLION – 2014 global revenues from record sales, streaming, synchronization and (US only) performance rights

26.6 BILLION – 1999 global revenue in US dollars, as reported by IFPI

4.3 BILLION – Dollars invested in A&R and marketing by record companies in 2013, as reported by IFPI

6.9 BILLION – Value of global digital business in US dollars

1.57 BILLION – Music subscription revenue earned in 2014, expressed in US dollars

4 BILLION – Number of music downloads using bit-torrents in 2014

43 MILLION – number of tracks licensed worldwide

1.17 MILLION – Number of people employed in the music business in Europe

400 – Number of digital music services worldwide

43 – Percentage of consumers who shop for music on Saturdays

25 – Percentage of consumers who shop for music on Fridays

5 – Percentage of consumers who shop for music on Wednesdays and Thursdays

20 – Percentage of Internet users regularly accessing unlicensed music sites in 2014

45 – Percentage decline in UK Internet users visiting bit torrent sites after Pirate Bay was blocked

+ 13 – Percentage growth in artist payments as a share of sales revenue between ’09 and 2014

– 17 – Percentage decline in sales revenue for record companies between ’09 and 2014

65 – Percentage of Swedes paying for streaming services in the past 6 months

10 – Percentage of Swedes purchasing download files in the past 6 months

2 – Percentage of global revenues generated by vinyl album sales in 2014

—Source: IFPI 2014 annual report


303.5 MILLION – Dollars earned by Sirius XM Canada from subscribers in 2014

2.6 MILLION – Total subscriber base for Sirius XM in Canada in 2014

38 – Subscriber acquisition cost in dollars, as reported in Sirius XM’s Q4 2014 filing

299 MILLION – 2014 SOCAN revenue in dollars collected from domestic, international and private copying

55 MILLION – Foreign revenue collected by SOCAN in 2014 for the performance of Canadian music from airplay and performance

20 MILLION – Dollars collected by SOCAN from Internet streaming properties in 2014

100 MILLION – Approximate dollars generated by privately-held Montreal firm Stingray Digital Music in 2014

200 – Number of persons employed by Stingray Digital Music

105 MILLION – Number of pay-TV households globally featuring Stingray Music services

100 – Number of countries Stingray Music operates in

20 MILLION – Number of songs licensed by Stingray Music

350 – Number of music channels Stingray offers clients

28 – Number of digital services available in Canada, including Spotify, HMV and Mediazoic

27.8 MILLION – Total album sales in Canada in 2014

37.9 MILLION – Total album sales factoring in track equivalents in Canada in 2014 (10 tracks = 1 album)

39.3 – Share of digital album downloads as a percentage of all album sales in 2014

314,000 – Number of copies of Taylor Swift’s 1989 best seller sold in Canada in 2014

190,000 – Number of CD copies of Taylor Swift’s 1989 best seller sold in Canada in 2014

540,000 – Number of copies of Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” best seller sold in Canada in 2014

4,100 – Number of copies sold Arctic Monkey’s best selling vinyl AM album in Canada in 2014

32,000 – Total of top 10 vinyl albums sold in Canada in 2014

1.948 MILLION – Number of copies of Shania Twain’s Come On Over album sold in Canada between 1995 and 2014

—Sources: company annual reports, Montreal Gazette &  2014 Nielsen Music Canada Report

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