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SOCAN Finds Music Drives Fitness

The most common New Year’s Resolutions involve fitness. By springtime, however, most people  lose interest and give up. SOCAN and Leger, the Research Intelligence Group, teamed up and created a Music Drives Fitness study and found out that music could make a huge difference to staying motivated and committed.

Canadians consider music essential in their motivation for staying fit. Out of the 78% of people who consider music as just as important as having workout clothes and proper equipment at the gym, 68% of them consider music just as vital as having comfortable workout shoes.

Up to 88% those surveyed also agree that there are definitive advantages to listening to music when they exercise and nearly 60% say that music helps the time pass more quickly.

Other highlights include:

  • Over 77% of Canadians say that when they hear music they like in a fitness class, they enjoy that class more
  • 60% of people prefer continuous music with no commercial or talking interruptions when they work out. This suggests gyms should offer curated playlists to keep things up-tempo and rolling forward
  • When Millennials hear workout-appropriate playlists, a third consider the gym high-quality, and a quarter consider it “cool” or “trendy”
  • When people hear music they like at the gym, they’re more likely to tell their friends about it. They also believe that the gym cares more about their experience and like that they don’t have to bring their own music all the time

Music enhances gym-goers experiences working out. So if you really want to improve your health by hitting the gym this year, try making a playlist to help keep you motivated and inspire you to push yourself. Streaming platforms like Spotify also have great pre-made workout playlists for their subscribers.

For the full report, check out here. There’s also an infographic you can see here.

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