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Some newly-discovered spiders have been named after some metal musicians

Outside of certain Latin-based nomenclature requirements, the rule in science is that if you discover it, you name it.

Christina Rheims is a biological scientist in Sao Paolo, Brazil, who spends a lot of time looking for new species spiders. She found four, which meant that she had to come up with names for them.

All these newly-discovered spiders belong to the genus extraordinarius. From now, on, each of these new species will carry the following names taken from the human names of real metal musicians:

  • Extraordinarius bruceickinsoni (Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden_
  • Extraordinarius klausmeinei (Klaus Meine of The Scorpions)
  • Extraordinarius andrematosi (Named after Andre Matos of Brazilian heavy metal act Angra)
  • Extraordinarius rickalleni (Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen)

I have to ask: Is this last spider missing a limb? Sorry. Too soon?

(Via Kerrang)

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