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SonReal Learns Not to Insult Hamilton.

Vancouver rapper SonReal learned the difficult lesson recently that you don’t mess with the Hammer. As a publicity stunt part of his “World’s Worst Contest” and timed with the release of his latest single “Hot Air Balloon”, he targeted Hamilton, saying that the city was the world’s worst place to fly over in a hot air balloon. Steeltown locals opposed so vehemently online, however, that SonReal ended up removing the content from his website.

According to FYI Music News:

“In the video he promised to pay the round-trip bus fare for one person to Hamilton and to send him or her up in a midwinter hot air balloon ride. He also said he was throwing in $10 for a fast-food dinner and a night with potential strangers in the shared dorm room at the Hamilton Guesthouse, Hamilton’s only hostel”.

When met with the criticism, SonReal apologized and assured everyone that he really does love Hamilton.

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