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SoundCloud Angers DJs

SoundCloud is making many DJs very unhappy with new regulations that they’re beginning to impose. Take these tweets from Morgan Page, for example:


It’s still not entirely clear on what all the new restrictions will be, but they could include a full block on all DJ mixes not 100% cleared. That decision would impact a huge portion of content on the website.

SoundCloud has already annoyed a number of DJs with a number finding their accounts taken down due to copyright concerns. Several cases, the tear downs have been questionable. However, instead of working with the DJs to solve their concerns, SoundCloud’s recent deals with Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment have increased the restrictions.

Not only does this anger DJs, but subscribers to Go, a paid-only platform in the US and UK will also be unimpressed. SoundCloud has not yet released the number of paid subscribers, but Digital Music News expects the numbers to be low and that the early adopters will be more sensitive to gaps in the content.

DJs look to be moving towards less-regulated sites, something that could possibly be a problem for SoundCloud in the near future if their regulations continue to tighten. Competing sites such as MixCloud have benefited from SoundCloud’s tightened restrictions. Some DJs have also moved their content to iTunes Podcasts, since Apple reportedly has not received much pressure from rights owners to monitor podcast content.

One thought on “SoundCloud Angers DJs

  • Fuck Soundcloud. They pulled my remixes down, just what has to be cleared for remixes exactly?! Anyway that left a bad taste in my mouth. No more Soundcloud for me.


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