Soundgarden Releasing 25th Anniversary Editions of Badmotorfinger

Soundgarden fans know that this year marks the 25th anniversary of the influential album Badmotorfinger. To commemorate the silver anniversary, the band is releasing special editions on November 18. Preorders are now available.

There are four different anniversary special editions to choose from. The seven-disc super-deluxe package features a revolving Badmotorfinger icon, a remastered original album, unreleased studio outtakes, and live recordings, plus other super fan goodies. It has four CDs, two DVDs, and one Blu-Ray Audio disc for a total of 109 total tracks. Out of those, 79 are previously unreleased. If this is the anniversary edition you want, you can pre-order it here.

Otherwise, you have three other options to choose from: the 2-CD Deluxe, 2-LP, and 1-CD.

The 2-CD edition includes 28 tracks. It features the remastered original album, eight studio outtakes, and seven tracks from Live at the Paramount. The 1-CD remastered edition has enhanced art, which converts the original plastic jewel case into a gatefold softpak with the original six-panel folder design included. Finally, the 2-LP edition includes the remastered original album expanded to a gatefold jacket with a removable, limited edition 3D lenticular silver foil litho cover when removed reveals a gold foil jacket cover, 25th anniversary vinyl etching on side four and a download card for a digital edition of the album in 320kbps MP4 AAC files. For 1000 lucky fans, the 2-LP edition will also come in metallic silver colour vinyl exclusively at,, and

You can pre-order the 2-CD edition here, the 1-CD edition here, and the 2-LP version here.

In advance of this 25th anniversary re-release, Soundgarden has also released a studio outtake version of their song “Rusty Cage”. Head over to Team Rock to hear it.

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