Soundgarden vs. Vicky Cornell, round…whatever. It’s now about social media passwords. (UPDATED: Vicky responds)

Soundgarden and Chris Cornell’s widow, Vicky Cornell, have been going at each other from almost the moment Chris died. Who owns the demo vocals Chris left behind? Has money been misappropriated? Have royalties been withheld? Are certain financial transactions unethical/illegal? Was that buyout offer sufficient? You can write a book on all these issues–and no doubt someone will.

The latest problem has to do with the passwords to Soundgarden’s social media channels. Vicky has them. Soundgarden wants them back.

Papers have been filed in a Washington state court alleging that the surviving members of the band have been locked out of the group’s  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, Snapchat, Tumblr, Top Spin and Pinterest accounts–plus Soundgarden’s official website.

By who? Vicky, who allegedly unilaterally changed all the passwords.

Soundgarden has requested a judge order Vicky to either (a) hand over the passwords or (b) post the following: “Soundgarden has temporarily suspended its official social media accounts due to pending litigation.”

Bottom line? Approach any new social media or website posts with caution until this is sorted out. (Via ToneDeaf)

UPDATE: I received this email last night from Vicky’s reps at The Lede Company, a public relations firm. Note what’s alleged in the second paragraph of this first statement. (The bolding is mine.)

From Marty Singer 

Ms. Cornell’s forthcoming motion will expose the truth about the Soundgarden’s [sic] supposed social media accounts.    Ms. Cornell created the social media accounts; grew the accounts by allowing them to trade on Chris’ then-existing, popular accounts; devoted her personal time and money in growing these accounts as Soundgarden displayed absolutely no interest in social media (unless it was to promote their solo projects).   Ms. Cornell has overseen these accounts for close to a decade.  The fact that Soundgarden is unaware of the user-names and passwords for their alleged “own” accounts confirms their utter lack of involvement in creating, growing, and maintaining their alleged accounts.   

Soundgarden solely wants the social media accounts in order to maliciously defame Ms. Cornell, provoke her online stalkers (as Matt Cameron has done continuously) and to instigate third-parties to harass Ms. Cornell and her minor children.

Moreover, while they now claim a sense of urgency, Soundgarden’s claim are a stale repackaging of the claims that they filed in the Florida court in May of 2020. 

From Ron Laffitte

During my 6 years working with Chris Cornell and Soundgarden, Chris and Vicky always controlled all of Soundgarden’s social media accounts, both directly and through their own personal social media representative.  At no time were any other members of Soundgarden involved, and this was true both before and after Chris died.  Because of this, Soundgarden’s attempt to seek an injunction in connection with the social media accounts is surprising to say the least.

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One thought on “Soundgarden vs. Vicky Cornell, round…whatever. It’s now about social media passwords. (UPDATED: Vicky responds)

  • March 31, 2021 at 2:59 pm

    I’m surprised this didn’t happen earlier. Any fan of the band or who has been following this story could see immediately that Vicky has been controlling the official Soundgarden social media pages and is posting self serving content, including promoting her daughter. The band started new social media pages under the Nudedragons handle to speak to fans. Interestingly, Vicky also turned all comments off on Soundgarden social media posts. I’m admittedly on the bands side from all I’ve read and am a huge fan of theirs, and with the last judge’s ruling about royalties (ie that the remaining members are the band, not Vicky) Matt, Kim, and Ben should be given back control of their social media pages IMHO.


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