Spooky creepy cool music device beams music right into your head.

What comes after streaming? Is there something beyond headphones and earbuds? Maybe.

Noveto Systems, a company based out of Israel, has taken the concept of “sound beaming”–a tech that’s been used by the military for crowd control–and turned it into a desktop device that seems to send music right into your head. They call it the SoundBeamer.

According to the company, the tech involves a 3-D sensing model that locates and tracks your ears. The unit then sends audio via ultrasonic waves that create sound pockets by your ears. The effect is apparently startlingly real and is a little unnerving. Where is that music coming from? And because of the sensing model, the music will follow you around should you move your head around. The beam is pretty tight, so you can walk outside its “cone” and suddenly hear nothing at all. And it also allows you to be aware of sounds outside the music, too.

Right away you can see how this will be perfect for people who want to listen at work but don’t want to disturb people around them. Set this thing up in your cube and you’ve got private headphone-free music all day long.

At the moment, SoundBeamer is just in the prototype stage, so don’t go looking for one just yet. A smaller version will be available for sale around this time next year.

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