Stars–as in those big gaseous things in the universe–make music. Listen.

We’ve all been taught that in space, no one can hear you scream. But the truth is even though the universe is mostly vacuum at near absolute zero, it is not entirely silent. Space is filled with all manner of electromagnetic radiation, some of which can be captured by telescopes and transposed into something human ears can approximate as music.

Here’s an example of the music of the spheres as computed by Dr. Garik Israelian, an astrophysicist, and arranged by producer Brian Eno. This was created for this year’s Starmus Festival, an event co-founded by Queen guitarist Brian May (he himself with a PhD in astrophysics). Patrons include Peter Gabriel and the late Stephen Hawking.

Learn more about Starmus here while listening to a little star sounds. (Thank to Larry for the link.)

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