Stephen Colbert helped this metal band buy a new van

If you’re a regular watcher of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, you might remember a bit back in March when he joked about Donald Trump’s plan to crowdsource a border wall, comparing that to a metal band’s attempt to get a new van.

The group in question is FLAW out of Louisville, Kentucky. Their goal was to gather enough money so they could play at a venue called Spicoli’s in Waterloo, Iowa, a distance of about 550 miles. They were asking for $15,000.

Another mention was made of FLAW’s efforts in May when their campaign sat at $14,003.

Cobert: “FLAW is a real band that had a real GoFundMe page that was really asking for $15,000 for a new tour van. They were only a few thousand dollars short, and after that shout-out from me, you the Late Show community stepped up… and agreed that you don’t care if Flaw needs a van…So I just FLAW a band. And I invited all the members of the band…to come to New York and check out their new wheels.”

And there’s more: Colbert appeared in FLAW’s new video, “Conquer the Climb,” in which the new van features rather prominently.




Alan Cross

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