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One thought on “Did Steve Jobs Warn Against What Apple Has Become?

  • September 21, 2017 at 10:52 pm

    I am not an Apple fan and I think Steve Jobs was a real asshole in general. I manage the IT department of a major platform-agnostic company.

    The biggest difference I see since Jobs left, as someone responsible for buying shitloads of these products, is that they’ve gone completely against his philosophy of simplifying their skus. There are so many versions of each major line to choose from now. As well they no longer sunset older models as aggressively as they once did. And I think they’re missing the mark on their premium models.

    I think they’ve really fucked up the pricing/launch of the iPhone X, and the modern MacBook Pros are also obscenely expensive for what they are (though you can still buy the 2015 models for a reasonable cost, and that’s what we do).

    I think if Jobs was still around we wouldn’t have seen this iPhone 8 vs. iPhone X situation. It would have definitely been one or the other. We have no way of knowing, but as much as Jobs was unsympathetic to budget-minded customers, I feel like the X wouldn’t have been launched if it was only profitable at that price-point.


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