Still on the Fence About Whether to Shell Out for the New iPhone X? Read This First.

I know that the first time I see someone else with a new iPhone X, I’m going to be insanely jealous. But then I’ll remember that I didn’t spend a month’s rent on a device that depreciates faster than five-day-old sushi.

Apple has always targeted the premium market, but judging by some of the online blowback after Tuesday’s introduction of their new Jesus phone, it appears that they might have aimed a little too high.

Don’t get me wrong. I have Apple gear on every floor of my house, in my office, in my home studio, in my pocket and on my wrist. I just can’t see myself spending this kind of money on a phone.

Here’s a selection of iPhone X comments.

  • Apple’s mundane view of the future. (New Yorker)
  • Why you do and don’t want the new iPhone X. (TechCrunch)
  • Four Reasons Why I Won’t Buy the iPhone X. (Android Authority)
  • Apple’s “disappointing new phones.” (Forbes)
  • Why Face ID is just a big deal for Apple. (Om Malik)
  • Apple was caught saying that their phones are only meant to last one year. (Motherboard)
  • A closer look at the differences between the three new iPhones. (New Atlas)
  • And let’s revisit my post on the subject.

And then there’s inevitable presentation parody. (Via Fast Company)

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