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Still more updates from the Astroworld Festival disaster. Exorcists and demonologists have some theories.

The number of dead in the crowd crush disaster at the Astroworld Festival in Houston last Friday has risen to nine.

Bharto Shajani was a 22-year-old senior at Texas A&M University attending her very first concert when she was caught in the crush and suffered horrific injuries that resulted in multiple heart attacks. She had been on a ventilator until her death Wednesday night. (November 10).

As for the other eight deaths–people ranging from 14 to 27 years of age, the results of autopsies still haven’t been released. Twenty-three people were hospitalized, many suffering from cardiac arrest caused by the crushing pressure of the crowd.

Meanwhile, the Houston police have launched a criminal investigation led by the homicide division. Live Nation, promoter of the show, has said they’re going to cooperate fully with any investigation.

Rapper Travis Scott, who was on stage at the time when things went horribly wrong, has asked that victims and their families get in contact with him directly via email. The address is [email protected].

If all this wasn’t insane enough, exorcists and demonologists are conducting their own investigations sharing theories that the “concert from hell” resulted from “demonic activity.”

This is from the Daily Caller.

Social media users stressed the eeriness of the Astroworld promotional poster, which showed people walking through a portal and encouraged festival attendees to “open your eyes to a whole new universe.” One of Travis Scott’s signature taglines, “See You On The Other Side,” was also on the poster. Other users were quick to point out what appears to be a rendering of Travis Scott as a demon on an album cover for a song he debuted at the concert.

“The imagery Travis Scott projects, whether he does it for commercial reasons or intentionally, it certainly projects satanic imagery and satanic practice, no question,” Father John Szada, an exorcist at the Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg in Pennslyvania, told the Daily Caller.

Father Szada said that “it’s possible Travis Scott summoned demons, but it’s pure speculation. Even if he summoned demons unwillingly, he opened a door, and they just took advantage of it.” The Harrisburg exorcist also pointed to reports that some festival attendees were “needle spiked” with opioids such as ketamine or fentanyl.

Okay, hang on. The needle prick story is bogus. As for the demonic activity thing, it looks like we need a new Enlightenment. Otherwise, send in the asteroid. We’re done here.

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