September 28, 2023

Still skeptical about getting an Apple Watch? This may help.

A site called FindTheDecision asked more than 50 people about the wisdom of getting an Apple Watch. You may recognize a name or two from the list.

You are probably wondering: Should I buy an Apple Watch?

To answer this question, I asked dozens of tech experts and prolific bloggers to reveal what is best about this watch and what to look for by asking them a simple question:

“If you had to pick only 3 reasons to get an Apple Watch, what 3 reasons would you choose?”

I note, the Apple Watch quickly gained popularity, overtaking classic watches by old well-known brands. Such a success was the envy of any watch on Android Wear or Tizen, the development of Pebble, Garmin, or Polar.

So I set a goal to find out whether these watches are really as good as they say or not.

So, what are the reasons to get an Apple Watch?
Apple’s advertising machine is working hard, explaining and showing what a useful and necessary item the Apple Watch is. That’s why I decided that the only way to find out for sure is to ask real experts to see if the Apple Watch really deserves attention. Well guess what…they have:

Reasons To Get an Apple Watch (as voted by 53 experts!)

Keep reading.

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3 thoughts on “Still skeptical about getting an Apple Watch? This may help.

  • Hey Alan why do I see, about the Apple Watch the following
    ‘Keep reading to see the opinions of each expert and what his Apple watch means for him,’. If there are women who were surveyed? I wa swindler I find it was only men, but it’s not so why are women, not included. Instead of saying what it means for him, why did you not say what is means the them, or him and her?

    • No idea. I didn’t write the article. I just was asked for my opinion. That’s something that should be taken up with the article at the link.


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