Stockholm’s Music Hall of Fame is Mostly an ABBA Museum

Stockholm, Sweden is a historic city at the forefront of modernity filled with cultural activities. They’re home to the Nobel Prize, were the first European Green Capital, and have a world-leading Information and Communication Technologies cluster. The city has something for everyone.

Built across 14 islands, the island Djurgården is made up of mainly museums. These museums include: Skansen, an open-air space that doubles as an architecture museum and zoo; the art gallery Thielska Galleriet where you can see works from the late 1800s and early 1900s; The Nordic Museum that focuses on the local history; and the Vasa maritime museum.

And then there’s ABBA: The Museum.

It doubles as Sweden’s Music Hall of Fame, but compared to ABBA, the other artists only get a tiny amount of space. Sweden apparently wants it known that no other musician that has ever or will ever come out of the country is as significant to their musical history as ABBA.

You can see pictures here on Vice and find more information about this weird and wonderful museum on their website.

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