Stop Talking About the “Connected Car?” Absolutely Not

I (and a some similar-minded folk) have been getting blowback from people in the radio industry about the way we harp on and on and on about the future of radio in the car, specifically with what’s happening with vehicles. 

“Enough with the negativity!  Get back to the business of radio!  Be positive!”

My position (and the positions of other within the industry) is “What?  You want to bury your head in the sand? The future is coming whether you like it or not.  If we don’t make plans now, we’ll be in big trouble.  I mean, LOOK AT THIS THING!  IT’S IN DASHBOARDS NOW!”

Fred Jacobs and I are on the same page–and we’ve been taking the same kind of flak.

I have heard comments from a number of people – in person, in email, and on Twitter – that it’s time to stop this discussion about the “connected car” and get back to business.

Actually, now that that conversation about the demise of AM/FM in cars is behind us, it’s precisely the time to START talking about the “connected car” and what it means to radio.

Read on.

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