Study: Canadians Are Spending More Time Listening to Music. Here’s How We Listen.

Thought Canadians listened to a lot of music in the past? We did–but now with streaming music and smartphones in every hand, the overall time Canadians spend listening to music each week is up 20% just since 2013.

The Nielsen Music study also tells us this:

  • 90% of us say we listen to more than 24 hours of music per week. If you’re a teen, that number is closer to 31 hours per week.
  • 74% of teens own some kind of smartphone.
  • At least half of all smartphone and computer users have an app for a streaming music service on their device.
  • Teens’ music listening is up 40% since 2013. Again, chalk that up to streaming and smartphones.
  • Teens spend twice as much time streaming music as the rest of the general population.
  • Most people listen to music while doing something else, i.e. it’s on the background as they work, putter around the house, shop or eat.
  • The preferred genre of streams are rock and pop although teens prefer dance, hip hop and rap
  • Teens spend one third of their music listening time doing leisure stuff like playing video games, updating Facebook and so on.
  • Since 2014, the volume of music streams on services like Spotify, Rdio and so on, is up 94%.
  • About 71% of the Canadian population have used a streaming service in the past year.
  • If you’re a Millennial, chances are you prefer Spotify. If you’re a teen, your preference is Google Play.
  • Francophone Canadians stream less than English Canadians.
  • Radio remains the #1 source for new music discovery for a full two-thirds of the population.

And now, a nice graph.

2015 Canadian Listening Habits


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