Suddenly, A New Thom Yorke Album [UPDATE: Guess What Happened to It?]

Remember that cryptic post by Thom Yorke earlier in the week? Turns out it was a foreshadow of something to come.

BitTorrent did good with this one. As they continue to promote their totally legitimate Bundle program, they’ve nabbed Thom and his new solo record, Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes. This is the first paid album to be distributed by BitTorrent.

How much? Six bucks USD.  Learn more at Billboard and go get the album here.

[UPDATE:  Naturally, the album has been pirated and is already available for free through–you guessed it–BitTorrent.]

Alan Cross

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2 thoughts on “Suddenly, A New Thom Yorke Album [UPDATE: Guess What Happened to It?]

  • September 26, 2014 at 4:31 pm

    Great… but my question to Bittorrent/Thom/Thom’s label is, where is the lossless version?? Who fucks with MP3 any more, unless it’s something you’re just trying out and have no idea of its worth..? Thom and co.’s productions mean quality to me and I would not settle for less than lossless!

    Also there is a vinyl purchase option but none of the press about it includes a link to that, you still have to download the free bundle just to get to the link. Seems odd to me that non Bittorrent users would be excluded like that. I’m not a vinyl person, but they should make it easier for those who are, and those that don’t use Bittorrent, but just want to support Thom and his creations.

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