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Sunday Service: Our 15 ReverbNation Picks of the Week

Here’s the tenth instalment of our ReverbNation picks of the week.

1) “Bird in the Cage” – Mehr

Fifteen year old Mehr Khurmi from New Delhi India started singing and writing her own songs at a young age. Her voice is powerful and mature.

2) “FIRE WOMAN” – Siire Lords of the Rock

From Honolulu, Hawaii, Siire Lords of the Rock was created to showcase a combination of original Hard Rock and tributes from the 90s to present day. Their music is quick and aggressive with dark vocals.

3) “Rainbow” – Rudderfish

This Indie duo from Omaha, Nebraska combines the talents of two very individual and powerful songwriters. Mia Bourek brings a youthful, middle American sound to their music, while Paul Maddison draws from his working-class northern England roots.

4) “Dead Yet Alive” – Mourning Star

Founded in 2014, this Minnesota band released an album less than a year after forming. Their music mixes modern Progressive Metal with Hard Rock.

5) “You and Me” –Them Howling Bones

Los Angeles-based Them Howling Bones have toured across the United States. Their style of Alternative is heavily influenced by Blues and Blues-based Rock.

6) “Stop Me Now” – Black Magnolia

New Orleans rockers Black Magnolia combines modern ferocity with vintage sound. Their style of Rock is very Blues-based and influenced by Classic Rock.

7) “Blue as Your Eyes” – Red Wine Hangover

Nashville, Tennessee might be known for its Country music, but there are still some very skilled Rock outfits that come out of the city. Red Wine Hangover’s sound mixes driving guitars, infectious melodies, and pounding backbeats that reminisce of London’s late-60s Mod movement.

8) “Weapon” – I Fight Fail

Described as an Alternative/Electric/Rock band, I Fight Fail formed in Canton, Ohio in 2013. They have brought their fun, unique sound across the United States with the Warped Tour.

9) “Matter of Time” – Pralaya

Progressive Art Rock quartet Pralaya hails from New York City. They draw from their various influences to create an abstract sound with uplifting melodies.

10) “Bottom Feed” – Mawcore

Taking their name from a Hebrew word meaning “wellspring”, Pennsylvania Metal band Mawcore used faith-based lyrics to supply hope and life. Their sound draws influence from musicians in the 70s to more current artists.

11) “Too Broke To Fix” – Crooked Flower

Crooked Flower blends Rock-like bass and drum grooves, melodic guitars, and their female singer’s R&B vocals to create a modern sound with a vintage twist. The members are from all over the United States, but they base themselves out of Berkeley, California.

12) “Bryce, The Skunkman and You” – Tusko Fatale

Creating a cool blend of Indie and Psychedelic, Tusko Fatale was created in the late 80s. They have had a long and interesting career.

13) “Dancing To The Radio” – Robert Caruso

London, England multi-instrumentalist Robert Caruso has had a lengthy and vibrant career, befriending some big names in Rock history. His Rock sound draws influence from other genres such as Psychedelia, Punk, and Post-Punk.

14) “Nothing Changes” – Black Diamonds

Although they are a group of teenagers from Haverhill, Massachusetts, Black Diamond has already toured the world. Their Rock style pays homage to 80s Rock, but with Pop-centric guitars.

15) “Lend Me Your Ear” – Chosen Rejects

With music that can really only be described as “Funked-up Pop-Punk”, Chosen Rejects’ music has the catchy hooks of Pop-Punk with a Funk Twist. The Charlotte, North Carolina band is known for their fun live shows.

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