Sunday Service: Our 15 ReverbNation Picks of the Week

The submissions keep coming in and there’s lots of great music. Here are this week’s 15 ReverbNation picks.

1) The Goatbox Rebels “Black Tooth Grin”

This hard rock trio from Toronto share a love of Sabbath, Deep Purple and Motörhead. Their heavy, blues-based sound reflects that influence.

2) Grüves “Mountain Song”

Collaboration is very important to this young Calgary group who make a point to work together when writing songs. The collaborative writing results in an experimental, art-y Prog Rock sound.

3) Ed Roman “Comin’ My Way”

Orangeville, Ontario’s Ed Roman draws from a variety of influences. His music has an overall Folk-Rock sound, but there are hints of Blues Rock and Roots Rock to create something that sounds similar to Tom Petty.

4) The Professor and Naomi Kay “Nobody Won”

A collaboration between Kingston, Ontario guitarist Wayne Cox and Vancouver vocalist and violinist Naomi Koit. The music that they create has a Blues-based Folk Rock sound.

5) Alain Héroux “Hippie and happy”

Growing up in the tiny town of La Morandière, Quebec, Alain Héroux had dreams of writing music in English. After moving to Calgary and becoming proficient in English, he now makes music that blends Blues and Folk Rock together.

6) Dani Rosenoer “Onward”

Although he is their touring keyboard player and backup vocalist, Dani Rosenoer’s solo music sounds nothing like the Post-Grunge that Three Days Grace is known for. This Toronto singer-songwriter’s music has a much lighter sound, leaning closer towards Indie Pop.

7) TOZ Antonio Piretti “LOVE IS”

If you live in Toronto and take the TTC, you may have seen Antonio Piretti playing his music. His sound blends together a Singer-Songwriter style with melodic Rock.

8) Scarecrowz “Reborn”

From Canada’s capital in Ottawa, Scarecrowz draw influences from a wide range of music. Their sound blends together Melodic Hard Rock with Metal, Blues, and Southern Rock.

9) The Chrysalide Project “Got It”

Montréal has a huge music scene with a vast array of styles, such as The Chrysalide Project. Musician Gaia Guarda mixes electronic sounds with more conventional instruments and adds almost operatic-like vocals to create her music.

10) Jim Galloway “Fly Away”

Blending together a Folk-like Roots sound with Alternative Rock Oxbow, Saskatchewan musician Jim Galloway’s music reflects his home province. It’s laid back and pleasant.

11) The Fairest and Best “When I Feel Like This”

As a six-piece from Toronto, The Fairest and Best bring together an eclectic mix of musical influence. Their version of Alternative Rock has a Blues-base paired with a Reggae beat.

12) Ralph Boyd Johnson “What Do Ya Right”

Thanks in part to the Stampede, Calgary is often associated with all things Country and Western. Singer-songwriter Ralph Boyd Johnson does have more than a hint of Country in his sound, but he also blends Blues and Indie Rock to make his music.

13) Kim Ray “When You Smile”

Unlike Calgary, Toronto isn’t really known for its Country music. However, that doesn’t stop singer-songwriter from giving his Indie Rock a bit of a Country Rock twist.

14) Em Rumball “Silly Little Love Song”

The classic Singer-Songwriter style is known for a symbiotic relationship between vocals and the musician’s instrument. Vancouver-born Em Rumball exemplifies this with a harmonious alliance between her soft vocals and acoustic guitar.

15) Godsent “Frozen Tomb (…And That Which Lies Within)”

Metal comes in a wide range of styles from warp-speed and chaotic to molasses-slow and sludgy-sounding. Toronto’s Godsent lies somewhere in between with a huge, orchestral-like sound that brings to mind Trans-Siberian Orchestra blended with slower, grittier portions.

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