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Sunday Service: Our 15 ReverbNation Picks of the Week

It’s week three of our ReverbNation campaign and we’re still getting lots of great submissions. Here are our 15 picks for this week:

1) Izzy Malik “Neverland”

There might not be a lot of Pop-Punk on the air waves right now, but it’s far from dead. Merced, California’s Izzy Malik proves just that.

2) Shinobi Ninja “What If Times”

New York City boasts a wide range of musical styles. Shinobi Ninja blends together Indie Rock instrumentals with almost Hip-Hop style vocals.

3) The Pondhawks “Bitter Game”

As a band from Chicago, a city with a massive Blues scene, it comes as no surprise that The Pondhawks’ music would have a heavy Blues influence. Their music has a mid-to-late 60s sounds that brings to mind a combination of the Beatles and David Bowie.

4) Matt Jaffe & The Distractions “Write a Song About Me”

It’s always interesting when two distinct musical styles come together to create something new. San Francisco’s Matt Jaffe & The Distractions infuse Pop-Punk with a Country twist.

5) Wings of Pegasus “Percy Johnson”

Metal has roots in England and Maidenhead’s Wings of Pegasus don’t want you to forget that. Their sound contrasts heavy, pure Metal sections with softer sections featuring atmospheric sounds.

6) mr spoon “Sam’s Mother”

Based in Pembrokeshire, Wales, mr spoon brings back a late 80s, early 90s sound. Their music is gritty and grungy with lots of distortion.

7) Jett Prescott “Put Me Down in Wine”

This Los Angeles singer-songwriter has an upbeat and fun sound. His music heavily features piano and vocals similar to Liam Gallagher.

8) Dissension Rising “Heaven Knows She’s Tried”

With hard, driving Rock instruments and a powerful, near operatic female voice, Dissension Rising gives their heavy rock a soulful, bluesy undertone. Hailing from Ireland, they are a band to watch out for.

9) Moovalya “Hail to the Hearts”

Pure Punk is how I would describe this Phoenix band. Moovalya brings back Protest Punk that is just as fast and aggressive as ever.

10) Alice Sweet Alice “Daredevil”

Anything but sweet, Kansas City’s Alice Sweet Alice features powerful female vocals. Their hard, aggressive Rock sound also has undertones of Post-Punk and Blues.

11) The Krew “Arise”

From Salt Lake City, the Krew proves that there is more to Utah’s capital that just the Church of the Latter Day Saints. Their anthemic Rock sounds like it should be played in a massive stadium.

12) Almost Awake “Dead Man Walking”

A group of five young musicians, Las Vegas’ Almost Awake blends together each of their skills to create their melodic sound. With the talented female vocalist and Pop-Punk undertones, there is a definite Paramore influence.

13) Devilstrip “Go”

Devilstrip from Akron, Ohio brings back the power trio. Their music is Blues-based Rock with melodic and heavy grooves.

14) Wolf Critton “Jane Doe”

Not only is Wolf Critton a singer-songwriter, but he is also a veteran of the Iraq War. His music blends Rock with Blues.

15) Better Than Grey “The Most Stupid Way To Tell Someone You Don’t Like Them”

It’s not often that you hear an Eastern European band in North America, especially one that has music in English, but Better Than Grey from Sofia, Bulgaria proves that they exist. They have a fun Pop-Punk sound.

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