Sunday Service: Our 15 ReverbNation Picks of the Week

Welcome to week 7 of our ReverbNation picks.

1) Christian Gisondi “Love or Hatred”

From Valhalla, New York, multi-instrumentalist Christian Gisondi has been playing music his entire life. His style of Metal is heavy and driving.

2) The MASH “Misery of You & Me”

This band from Subang Jaya, Malaysia plays catchy and upbeat Pop-Punk. They draw influence from a wide variety of bands such as Sum 41 and Tegan & Sara.

3) Scarlet Aura “Tomboy”

Formed in 2014, this Romanian band features powerful female vocals. The music they make is pure Heavy Metal.

4) Awaiting Daylight “No More”

They might be a young band, but Dallas-based Awaiting Daylight plays heavy, driving Rock. The powerful female vocals drive the melody while the heavy instrumentals lend a gritty, aggressive sound.

5) Deadman’s Gambit “Letters”

Hollywood, Florida band Deadman’s Gambit has been around since 2013. They play dirty and aggressive Hard Rock.

6) Firesphere “In The Silence”

Hailing from Bushnell, Florida, Firesphere plays Industrial Metal. They always put on a spectacle for their live shows.

7) Road’s End “In The Ashes Of Your Grace”

Road’s End has evolved since its formation in 2010 when it comes to their line-up. One thing that hasn’t changed is this Chicago band’s heavy, driving Rock.

 8) Indio I “Number 3”

This is the first time a band from Makati, Philippines has been featured. Indio I has toured all across the Philippines to share their fun Reggae-fused Rock.

9) Secondhand Habit “I Don’t Need Know Jesus”

Canada has a wealth of indie bands. This one from Victoria, BC plays hard, aggressive Rock.

10) Fragile Existence “Four Walls of Emptiness”

Although they’re often called a Death Metal band, Fragile Existence crosses into multiple Metal subgenres. From Toronto their sound is dark and aggressive.

11) New Row “The Day That Never Ends”

Proving that a variety of musical backgrounds can be an excellent thing, Toronto band New Row mixes Pop hooks with Rock edge. Their sound is guitar-driven with catchy hooks.

12) Minus Cube “Disintegration”

This Salisbury, England band enjoys exploring different musical and artistic ideas. Minus Cube’s Alternative Rock sound is heavy and aggressive.

13) Wild Horse “Watch Out”

Blues-based rock is still alive and well, as this Tonbridge, England band proves. Wild Horse’s sound also has a faintly Rolling Stones vibe to it.

14) Casual Friday “Take It Or Leave It”

Heavily influenced by 90’s and 2000’s Punk and Pop-Punk acts, Casual Friday brings back the familiar sounds of that era. From Rutherford, New Jersey, their music is upbeat and catchy.

15) Pleasure Squad “I remember what you said”

Bringing back filthy, gritty Punk is Copenhagen’s Pleasure Squad. This Danish band’s style is very much reminiscent of early 80’s Hardcore.


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