Sunday Service: Our 15 ReverbNation Picks of the Week

Our Sunday Service of ReverbNation picks is back for its eighth instalment.

1) “Rule Your Day” – Jupiter In Velvet

Born in the United States, but based out of London, England, Jupiter In Velvet has been involved in music from a young age. His music is upbeat and modern, but there is a definite Classic Rock undertone.

2) “Believe” – Anima Inside

From Quito, Ecuador, Anima Inside formed in 2006 and draws influences from Progressive Rock. They also add elements of Andean and Afro music and have toured internationally.

3) “Rock N’ Roll Revolution” – The Madcap

Formed just last year, The Madcap is the first female- fronted Glam Metal band from Turkey. They gained attention after making it to the semi-final round on the Rising Star TV competition.

4) “Once a Villain, Always a Villain” – Thundercloud Kid

Thundercloud Kid offers high energy, aggressive Punk. Based out of Buffalo, New York their music has a hint of late-1990s, early 2000s Punk influence.

5) “Rise For The Fallen” – Edge Of Paradise

This Calabasas, California band features powerful female vocals over top of heavy, driving Metal. Edge Of Paradise’s music is a mix of Symphonic Metal and Symphonic Hard Rock.

6) “Sand” – Scar Of The Sun

Influenced by bands such as Killswitch Engage, this Athens, Greece band describes themselves as a modern Metal band. Their style juxtaposes slower, darker sounding verses with slightly quicker, but more aggressive choruses.

7) “Hold the reins” – The Companies

The Companies draws influence from the variety of music found in Southern California. They blend Punk, Hard Rock, Rockabilly, Jazz, and Latin to create their own Indie sound.

8) “Slap me” – Coconut Sunday

From Bangkok, Thailand, Coconut Sunday has a fun, upbeat Pop sound. Their music features a female vocalist and a happy, Ska-like beat.

9) “Don’t Sleep” – Electric Airways

Out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Electric Airways has a big, expansive sound. Their style of Alternative and prominent use of piano brings to mind bands such as Coldplay.

10) “Nothing Can Kill Your Heart” – Depth Hate

After having the idea for a band since the ‘90s, Guarujà, Brazil guitarist Marcelo Figueiredo finally formed Depth Hate in 2009. Depth Hate’s aggressive Metal draws influence from bands such as Black Sabbath, Dream Theater, and Megadeth.

11) “Sunshine & Rainbows” – The Goombas

The Goombas’ music sounds like a throwback to early 1970s Psychedelic Rock, helped significantly by their 1971 Hammond organ. From Toronto, Ontario, they bring Blues-based Rock out of the last century and into the present.

12) “VINYL” – Preacher

An eight-piece from Glasgow, Scotland, Preacher has made a name for themselves by touring regularly and participating in music festivals. Their sound draws from Progressive Rock influences.


Hailing from Sioux City, Iowa, SAUL prides themselves in their music’s extreme precision and intricacy. They have an expansive and aggressive Metal sound.

14) “Burn” – The Fifth Fire

Originally from a small town in Kansas, The Fifth Fire went through a line-up change and relocation to Los Angeles, California several years ago. Their Alternative Rock sound draws from a variety of personal influences.

15) “Sunset (Back To You)” – Skyler Lutes

Based out of San Diego, California Singer-Songwriter Skyler Lutes blends together Reggae and Pop music. He tours extensively throughout the United States and even South America.

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