Sunday Service: Our 15 ReverbNation Picks of the Week

Last week we sent out an email to ReverbNation artists for their chance to be featured on A Journal of Musical Things. Every Sunday for the next month we’re picking 15 and sharing them with you. Here’s the first 15 picks.

Jackson-X – “Break These Chains” 

From Oshawa, young multi-instrumentalist Jackson-X has developed a dark, haunting sound. Similarities can be drawn to early Cure, Joy Division, and New Order, but he also finds inspiration from bands such as Royal Blood and the Arctic Monkeys.

Right On Yukon – “Gold Dust”

Musicians from the East Coast usually have a distinct sound and this Halifax band is no different. Right on Yukon’s use of the fiddle gives their music a very Maritime folk sound.

Gorgon – “The Mastermind-Indulgence is Forbidden”

What would a cross between David Bowie and Marilyn Manson sound like? I’d like to think it would sound something like Toronto band Gorgon and their style of New Wave-esque Alternative Rock.

Darker Still – “Suicidal Journey”

Heavy Rock music still exists and Barrie’s Darker Still proves that with their blues-based Hard Rock. They give Classic Rock sounds a modern twist to create their own style.


Miss the gritty, grungy sounds of early ‘90s music? TOMMYGUNN from Hamilton is here to fill your needs with heavy, hard instruments and Chris Cornell-like vocals.

Savage Playground – “Infatuation”

Alberta might be associated with all things cowboy, but Savage Playground from Sherwood Park shows that the Western province can produce some hard-hitting heavy Rock. With influence from 70s and 80s hard rock bands such as Guns ‘n’ Roses, they keep the genre alive and aggressive as ever.

Rick Ashby – “Kill the Corrupt”

Rick Ashby from Coldwater, Ontario is one musician who uses current events to inspire many of his songs. His music has a Post-Punk, New Wave vibe with vocals that sound similar to The Box’s “Walk Away”.

SkywardEye – “Polaris”

A one-man music project from Oakville, SkywardEye gives his Alternative Rock a Singer-Songwriter vibe. There’s also a hint of 80s power ballad; Poison’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” comes to mind.

The FingerPrints – “Alley Cat Blues”

Montréal is known for its rich music scene and the FingerPrints is one of the many Indie bands from that city. Their style sounds funky using a blend of Garage and Surf Rock and just a hint of Psychedelia.

Uncle Steve – “Subterranean Charm”

Stephen McPhail, also known as Uncle Steve, comes from Sault Ste. Marie working as both a performer and a staging technician. His Blues-y Alternative style has an almost early Punk quality.

Ruby’s Revenge – “Graffiti”

This Brandford band blends together Alternative Rock, Blues, and Jazz and features powerful female vocals. Ruby’s Revenge also has a Post-Punk vibe with their use of a Ska-like beat.

The Nolas – “So Fine”

Montreal’s The Nolas have a Blues-y Alternative Rock sounds like it could fit into a Quentin Tarantino film. There’s also a heavy influence from late ‘60s and early ‘70s Rock.

Vanyah – “Only Four Days”

Waterloo-born singer and multi-instrumentalist Vanyah takes the sounds from a variety of genres to create his Roots-like Alternative Rock. His sound somewhat resembles Roots Rock musicians CCR and Tom Petty.

The League of One – “Kill the Mastodon”

Regina is known for being the capital of Canada’s bread basket, but The League of One proves that a lot more than just wheat grows in the prairie province. They feature a heavy, Hard Rock sound similar to Black Sabbath or Iron Maiden, but also have a hint of Post-Punk by using a Reggae-like beat.

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