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3 thoughts on “Take this test: How old are your ears? Have you damaged them with loud music?

  • I’m 41 and according to this video my ears are 52. Not surprised, I remember being deafened by KMFDM when I was 21 (couldn’t hear properly for 2-3 days after) and I’ve worn earplugs to every single show since, but god I was a stupid kid.

    This stuff is also why I tend not to believe audiophiles about why they need to spend tens of thousands of dollars for the most incredible sound. I don’t believe for a moment they can truly perceive better quality. (I’ll concede they probably just sound different.)

  • I am 53 and according to the video, my hearing is about 61 years old. But that isn’t surprising since I grew up driving tractors without hearing protection, saw many concerts without hearing protection and now fix 737’s (with really good hearing protection). Working around machinery for most of my life has definitely damaged my hearing.

  • Age is catching up with me. When I was in my early forties, I had ears of a teenage. A student went around getting great satisfaction that she could hear a frequency that none of her professors could hear. Then she came to my office. She thought I was lying when I told her I could her it, so she went out of my office and played it and I could still hear it. She was bummed that I could hear it. I felt bad because she looked so deflated when she realized I could hear the tone.

    She should come around to my office and play the tone now. I’m 56 and unfortunately my ears are aging faster than I am. They are at 42. Still not bad.


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